***RCS Weekly Meeting Reminder 3/24/17***

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Здравствуйте все!
Firstly, we want to send our condolences to everyone who suffered from the horrible ending of Spring Break. Please be well. Now that you are all back, you may as well join is for a fresh RCS meeting this Friday. We will have some Bliny and good times to be had. Please RVSP to the FB event so I know how much Bliny to make.
Please be advised that I-week is coming up and that we are primed to participate in a few events, namely the Food Fair and Soccer Tourney. We’ll develop a schedule for the Food Fair and we intend to fashion a soccer team for the indoor soccer tournamnet from other clubs and be a “CLIS Team”.
We also have a one of our members, Lera, who will be participating in the Track invitational this Saturday in the afternoon in a few jumping events. So if you find yourself with nothing to do that early in day, go cheer on our Mavericks on home turf. By the way, our Track and Field team is pretty dominant!

24-го Марта – General Meeting Trimble Hall 202 @ 12:00pm
25-го Марта – Bobby Lane Track and Field Invitational @ MAVERICK STADIUM
31-го Марта – Русский Стол Meeting in TH 202 @ 3:30 (Topic: TBD)
***International Week 2017 April 1st-6th***
7-го Aпреля – CLIS Meets the President in LAC @ 3:00pm
 8-го Aпреля  – UTA Big Event from 9:00am-1:00pm

Russia finishes among Top-10 in Europe for Int’l Students
Study EU-Country Ranking 2017 evaluated 30 European countries based on several parameters: education, cost, and life & career. Russia ranked 6th out of the 30 European countries as the best place for international students, only giving way to Germany, the U.K., the Netherlands, France and Sweden, according to the newly published study. (rbth.com)
Last words uttered by 10 Russian writers
Click here to review this awesome list…everyone loves lists!
Неделя в Истории
Week in History

On March 16, 1962 Nikita Khrushchev publicly announced the capacity of the USSR to launch nuclear warheads to the United States, thanks to their intercontinental missile R7. This missile had already been tested in 1960 in response to the American Atlas, but due to its low precision and high cost only six units were assembled until 1968. This missile was used as a platform for sending the Sputnik into space, in addition to different ships from the Vostok and Soyuz space missions.

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