***RCS — The Week Before the Break 3/3/17***

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Здравствуйте все!
This weeks dispatch will serve as an advertisement for the happenings upcoming for the week of March 6-10. For those of you that missed the information on last Friday, we have a Fulbright scholar from Omsk joining us at UTA next week. Dr. Harrison and Rebeca will be picking up Алёна “Вторая”,our guest, on Sunday. She will be shacked up in a hotel all week and will periodically be visiting classes with various professors. We encourage all to make her feel at home and take chances on teaching her about Texas culture.
In according to her vist, we have some RCS sponsored events happening next week. On Tuesday, we are hosting our first Movie Night of the semester. We will be viewing a comedy film called, “”Хороший Мальчик” (The Good Boy), see the trailer below. We intend to start the film at 5:30p COBA Building Rm 255. On Thursday, we will meet in Room 202 at 3:30pm to discuss a few items and then proceed to eat at our favorite restaurant, Taste of Europe. The restaurant doesn’t open until 5:00p, so if we want to take our guest elsewhere, that can be discussed. (CLICK FOR DIRECTIONS TO TASTE OF EUROPE)
3 Марта – General Meeting in Trimble Hall 202  @ 12:00pm
 7-го Марта- RCS Movie Night “Хороший Мальчик” @ 5:30 in COBA 255
8го Марта – Международный Женский День
9-го Марта – Taste of Europe Visit
13-18 Марта – Spring Break (Весенний Перерыв)
 8-го Aпреля  – UTA Big Event from 9:00am-1:00pm

Kustodiev Maslenitsa
The Russian Orthodox Maslenitsa festival, which marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring, has its origins in pagan sun worship. Every year since 2009, Russian pianist and producer Olga Balakleets has organized a weeklong celebration of Russian culture around London to coincide with Maslenitsa. This year’s festival included an impressive series of musical, cinematic and other events, along with a reception in the House of Commons. (rbth.com)
For now, the Terminator T-800 robot model only knows how to distinguish faces, move his head, blink and communicate a little. Source: Personal archive
Software engineer Alexander Osipovich, who lives in the city of Kungur in the Perm Region (900 miles east of Moscow), used a 3D printer to make a fully functional replica of the famous killer robot from James Cameron’s film, The Terminator. Osipovich even gave him artificial intellect and the name, John Henry. (rbth.com)
Неделя в Истории
Week in History

On March 3, 1861 Czar Alexander II (Czar “Liberator”) issued a decree that abolished serfdom throughout Russia. Serfdom prevented the free movement of peasants, making them servants of the land owners. The 1857 census found that out of the total Russian population of 60 million, an overwhelming 50 million Russians were serfs. The image above is a 1907 painting by Boris Kustodiev depicting Russian serfs listening to the proclamation of the Emancipation Manifesto in 1861
March 1, 1869: Dmitri Mendeleev published in Germany the first periodic table of the elements arranged by their atomic mass. At the time of its publication, 63 of the 90 elements that exist naturally were already known. Mendeleev anticipating these future discoveries, left gaps in his table for them. He even predicted the chemical properties of some of them: gallium, germanium, scandium and technetium.
March 6, 1986: The Soviet spacecraft Vega- 1 flies at only 9.000 kilometers from the nucleus of Halley’s Comet and sends pictures to Earth. To ensure the success of this mission, the USSR launched two identical spacecrafts. In addition to studying Halley’s Comet, the spacecrafts also carried a space station which they dropped in Venus on their way to meet the comet. These stations were able to land on Venus and send data to Earth about the planet’s condition: an atmospheric pressure of up to 95 times that of Earth’s, temperatures of over 500ºC (900ºF) and winds of 240 km/h.

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