RCS Meeting Reminder 2/2/16

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Здравствуйте все!

This Friday (Trimble Hall Room 202) we will have our first “Русский Стол” culture meeting  and our VP William will give a presentation on Professional sports in Russia. A presentation will be supplemented a song with lyrics review and if time allows for it, we will practice constructing dialogues within the interest of playing sports and/or instruments. For our members who own the “Начало” blue book, you can review such constructions on pages 114 and 150.

Please don’t forget that our club t-shirts are now only $10 so that they can sell and promote club awareness on campus!


 5 Февраля – Russian Table Meeting- Sports in Russia (TH 202 @ 12:00)
Leftists demand scary pictures on junk food packaging

A Lower House MP from center-left party Fair Russia has asked the government to introduce graphic warning labels on fast food packaging, claiming that such step could stop the spreading of obesity and improve the general health of population.

Nemtsov assassination probe by Russian investigators complete
The probe into the killing of Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov has been completed and the suspected perpetrators of the hit will soon start preparing for trial, the Investigative Committee spokesman told the press.

Russian Party of Taxpayers faces probe over tax evasion propaganda
Russian prosecutors have launched a check into the activities of the political Party of Taxpayers after a complaint that its leader, Evgeny Sivkov, was promoting both legal tax optimization and criminal tax evasion schemes.

Неделя в Истории
Week in History

On February 2, 1943 the Nazi siege in the city of Stalingrad comes to an end. This episode is considered essential to explain the German defeat in their attempt to conquer the Soviet Union. After this failure, the Nazi forces did not achieve any more significant victories on the Eastern Front.

On February 5, 1852 the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg opens to the public. This is one of the largest art galleries in the world. At first, this museum was intended for upper-class visitors, since the building, the Winter Palace, was also the private residence of the Tsars. It was Tsar Alexander I who ordered a new entrance to the museum so that it could be open to the public. Years before, in France, he purchased the private collection of Empress Josephine (Napoleon’s first wife) to expand the museum’s collection. Today the Heritage keeps more than three million pieces, of which about 17,000 are pictures. The museum became a property of the state in 1917.

On February 3, 1966 the Soviet spacecraft Luna 9 lands on the Moon in the Ocean of Storms. This was the first object to make a controlled landing outside Earth and also the first spacecraft to arrive to its target with all systems fully operational. Luna 9 also sent the first panoramic photograph of the Moon’s surface and helped to rule out the theory that said that the Moon’s dust was so thin that it would prevent the landing of any ship.
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