RCS Meeting Reminder 1/29/16

Здравствуйте все!

Поздравляю! If you are reading this, that means you have survived the first full week of the new semester. The good news is, the RCS will have its first mandatory meeting of the semester this Friday in our new meeting room, TH 202 @ 12:00. Please plan to join us as we have much to discuss and prepare for the upcoming semester.
Our first objective will be to fill the vacant officer positions, and give handouts to each officers detailing the job description and tasks to handle. Wе will review another song at the beginning of the class like we started doing last semester. Those of you who went to the meeting last Friday got a primer on the song contest we will be holding as we approach the French clubs Karaoke Night, but we will spend some time going over the project in detail. Lastly, due to feedback regarding the t-shirts, we have dropped the prices down to a break even price of $10 or ₽780. *Those of you who have already purchased a shirt can be refunded the difference in price drop.

Also, tonight (1/27/16) at 7:15pm, some members will be going to Taste of Europe to enjoy some authentic E. European cuisine, Приходите к нам!

**Dont forget that you can also connect with us on our Facebook page and follow our blog by clicking the link buttons on the bottom of this newsletter!!**

27 Января  – Taste of Europe @ 7:15pm
29 Января – General Meeting (TH 202 @ 12:00pm)
5 Февраля – Russian Table Meeting- Sports in Russia (TH 202 @ 12:00)


Senators draft bill restricting sale & use of ‘morning after pills’ in Russia
A fresh bill drafted by several Russian Federation Council lawmakers bans any retail sales emergency contraception drugs and allows their distribution only through licensed medical institutions.
Half of Russians trust news they read on internet, poll shows
According to the latest research, about 60 percent of Russians turn to information websites for news and 48 percent admitted that they trust news they learn from the web. (bit.ly/205HeZD)

Putin offers Russian refuge to European Jews facing anti-Semitism
As a rising wave of anti-Semitic attacks engulf Europe, the Russian president has offered European Jews protection by proposing that they immigrate to Russia.
Неделя в Истории
Week in History

On January 26, 1924, five days after Lenin’s death, the Soviet government decided to rename the city of Petrograd to Leningrad. The city of St. Petersburg, which was called Petrograd only for 10 years (between 1914 and 1924), became Leningrad and kept this name until 1991, when it took back its original name. It is the second largest city in Russia and is the seat of the Constitutional Court of Russia. Also the city center constitute a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

January 31, 1990: At the Pushkin Square in Moscow the first Mcdonald’s restaurant opens in Russia. With 700 seats, it became the largest restaurant of the company. On the opening day, a queue of 5,000 people waited outside for the restaurant to open. In total 30,000 clients were served that day.



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