I-Week is Fast Approaching!

Hey, all!

Sorry about the late post – who reads this, anyway?! 🙂 – but as we talked about at our recent meeting, I-Week is coming quickly, and we are beginning to prepare! Here’s the rundown:

Sunday, March 31st – Setup. Details on the exact time for setting up will be talked about soon, but it will be in the Blue Bonnet Ballroom in the University Center. This is our chance to set up our booth with posters, decorations, and all items that are Russian. On the days of things like the Fashion Show, people can walk around to the booths and check out what we’ve got going. We need volunteers for this day, so if you can be there, please let one of the officers know!

Monday, April 1st – Parade of Banners. This is a great event. Students will make a small trip around campus, holding a banner of the country they are representing. Even if you don’t get to hold up one for Russia or any Slavic country, pick another one! The ISO is always looking for volunteers for this event. It will be held from 11:45-1pm. If they do not have a banner for the country you want to represent, please let them know! They will make one for the following year so it can be represented. There is usually an application process to be able to volunteer, but worst case scenario, you can try to catch them on the day of the set-up and tell them you want to be a part of it.

Tuesday, April 2nd – Food Fair. Like the Fall Food Fair, this one involves different stations with different food, and the customer will pay with tickets that they purchase at a specific table. This fair is specifically part of I-Week. It will be from 11am – 2pm, and we need volunteers to cook food and/or sell the food the day of the fair.

Wednesday, April 3rd – Fashion Show. This is a GREAT event. Last year, we only had five students, which was a lot smaller than most of the other clubs, but everyone cheered us on all the same. This year, we want to make it bigger than ever. If you would like to strut your stuff on the catwalk, PLEASE let us know! The more people the better! This will be held from 7-9pm in the Blue Bonnet Ballroom. A small caveat: There will be a rehearsal, most likely the night before (which is Tuesday). We would not have to be there long, but the ISO schedules our rehearsal time for us, and it is imperative that whoever volunteers can be there for the rehearsal.

Friday, April 5th – Global Extravaganza. This is the best part of I-Week, in my opinion. It’s a talent show! People perform songs, do dances, the whole nine yards. The last two years, I was the only volunteer and I sang a song each time. This year, I would love if we could get as many people to perform. We could do a dance, or sing, or whatever, but let’s rock it this year! This will also be held from 7-9pm in the Blue Bonnet Ballroom. Again, there WILL be a rehearsal the night before, so most likely on Thursday. We’re not there for long, but we do need to be there. They will let us know what time our rehearsal is.

That is about it for the events of I-Week. If you have ANY suggestions about what you would like to do, whether it be a food you think we should serve, or a performance we should do, or even clothes for the Fashion Show, please do not hesitate to contact myself, or any other officer.

This Friday is Russkyi Stol, and we will be playing Правда или Неправда (True or Not True). Basically, everyone will write down three things (in Russian); two that are true, and one that is not true. Then everyone will have to guess which is which. It was the very first game I ever played with RCS, and I really enjoyed it. I hope you guys will, too!

Till Friday!! До пятницу!


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I'm learning Russian because I am, quite frankly, obsessed with it. I tried learning the language off and on since the age of 16, when my friends in high school were Russian, and I had trouble understanding what they would say. Since I needed structure, I put off learning it until I could find classes, and lo and behold, I found them in college. Now I'm learning Russian and adding to my vocabulary every day.

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