The semester is underway!

Clearly, we’re going to have an extremely busy (but fun) semester!
We talked about a lot at the meeting today. Here are the things we went over:
1. A reminder about the Global Grounds, being held on Thursday, February 14th, from 4-6 pm in the Palo Duro Lounge in the UC. If you’d like to help us set up, please stop by the Palo Duro Lounge at 3:45. Otherwise, just come to speak with fellow RCS members, enjoy some tea and cookies, and talk to other students about RCS itself, or Russia. Whatever you’d like. And be prepared to smile: I’m bringing my camera to post pictures on the blog!
2. If you’re still planning on making a card for the caregivers of AiYD in Russia, please bring your finished card by Friday, February 15th. They need to be sent out then, to give time to arrive in Russia. Remember, let your imagination gone wild! This is for International Women’s Day. Adrienn was kind enough to write down two different ways to congratulate someone on this day: С 8-ым Марта! (Happy March 8th!) or Поздравляю с Международным Женским Днём! (Congratulations on International Women’s Day!) You can use these in your cards, and I’m sure the caregivers will be more than happy to receive them! Also, if you were planning on bringing any travel-size beauty items, you can bring those on the 15th as well.
3. The McDowell Library in the Modern Languages office has a TON of books they would like us to take off our hands, and so we are having a BOOK SALE on Monday, February 18th, from 10am – 3pm on the Library Mall (directly outside of the Central Library). If you can volunteer to help sell books, or just be another fresh face to invite people over, we would love for you to stop by!
4. This is further down the line, but have decided to have our BLOK Party/Russia Day on April 15th. While this is a while away, we still have to plan what we are doing. For those new to RCS, Russia Day is where we have a series of poems or a novel read by RCS members – and really anyone who wants to sign up. You can read in English or in Russian. We sell baked goods, and it’s generally a wonderful time. Stay tuned for more information!
5. Finally, if you would like to purchase an RCS T-Shirt, we need to know the size you’d like and the number of shirts you need by next Wednesday the latest. There should be another e-mail coming soon regarding the shirts themselves, so don’t miss it!
That is everything for the week. Have a wonderful weekend everyone! My next post will be detailing our Global Grounds!
Lauren, Prime Minster 🙂
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I'm learning Russian because I am, quite frankly, obsessed with it. I tried learning the language off and on since the age of 16, when my friends in high school were Russian, and I had trouble understanding what they would say. Since I needed structure, I put off learning it until I could find classes, and lo and behold, I found them in college. Now I'm learning Russian and adding to my vocabulary every day.

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