First Meeting of the Semester!

Hey, everyone!

Well, the first meeting of the semester happened today, and we had tons to talk about and get caught up on! First, we had to have a new election for Vice President, as Sarmad had other endeavors and could not, unfortunately, devote his time like he wanted to. The decision on who was elected in his place was unanimous after a very wonderful speech by our president, Jean, and your happy blogger (aka me) was elected as Vice President of RCS. I’m extremely honored and excited to take on this role, and I only hope that I can do well 🙂

The next topic on the list is the Global Grounds, which RCS will be hosting on February 14th. That’s right, Valentine’s Day! We will have tea, cookies, and conversation starters like books, posters, and other such items to talk to people about what RCS does and also what Russia is all about – because everyone is dying to know about it! It will be in the Palo Duro Lounge in the UC (University Center) from 4-6pm, again on February 14th. Mark your calendars! If you can’t make it exactly at 4 – that’s okay! Any time you can come by and speak with other club members, hang out, and even give out info to passers-by is awesome.

Also, I-Week (International Week) is fastly approaching on the first week in April. We are excited to have the week already told to us, so that way we can adequately plan for it! For those who are new to UTA, I-Week is hosted by the International Office, and it is a whole week devoted to everything international. We have a Parade of Banners, a fashion show, a food fair, and lots more. Stay tuned for more info as it comes out, but if you would like to participate, start thinking about what you would like to take part in! It’s a great week and a ton of fun!

Finally, our president has also suggested having a Russian Literature Club. This would consist of around a 30 minute meeting on Mondays at noon, where we will tackle a different short story that can be handed out on Friday during RCS get-togethers, and will give people a chance to read it over the weekend, and then talk about it on Monday. This club will be more of a branch of RCS, and while not required, it’s encouraged! If you’ve never read any Russian literature, you are in for a wonderful treat! We hope to see y’all there!

That’s about it for this blog post. Next week, we will be having Russkyi Stol, and while I’m not sure of the game just yet, rest assured it’s gonna be a blast!


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I'm learning Russian because I am, quite frankly, obsessed with it. I tried learning the language off and on since the age of 16, when my friends in high school were Russian, and I had trouble understanding what they would say. Since I needed structure, I put off learning it until I could find classes, and lo and behold, I found them in college. Now I'm learning Russian and adding to my vocabulary every day.

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