Open Mic!

We recently just finished up yet another installment of our bi-annual Open Mic. For those of you that are new to RCS and/or this blog, Open Mic is a time where we, as RCS members (along with plenty of friends and family), get together and have performers of all kinds. We have poetry that is read, songs that are song, and more. We have a lot of talented members (and professors!) that perform in Open Mic almost every time we have it.

This semester was a bit different. Our old venue, hosted by our dear friend Miroslav at his Blue Danube restaurant, sadly closed down. Miroslav always opened his doors for us on Sundays, when he was usually closed, because it was our best time to have our Open Mic.  The scramble began this September to find a new venue. Miraculously, we found a place just in time. It happened to be across the street, at Saljo’s Pizza. A friend of the RCS band (jokingly called the Kenneth Frequency, after one of our band members, Ken Williford) knew the owner of the place, who was happy to open his doors to our get-together, even staying open past normal hours to accommodate us. We are very grateful to the staff at Saljo’s Pizza for letting us perform there!

Open Mic is always a ton of fun, and we always welcome members of RCS and anyone they want to bring along to sit and chat, or even get up on stage and do something for us all! This year we had some poetry read, all of which were fantastic! Individual sets were played, and to close out the event, the RCS band performed. As a band member myself (drums – occasionally – and vocals), I had a blast, save for a technical malfunction which caused my microphone to swing away from me during a song 🙂

All in all, it was a fantastic night, and I wish we could have seen more friendly faces from RCS there! We hope to see you guys at the next one in May, but until then, have a fantastic holiday break and we will see you in January for more RCS meetings and games!


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One thought on “Open Mic!

  1. Lonny Harrison

    Thanks for reporting, Lauren, from your perfect vantage point at the drum kit! Congrats to all the performers and to RCS for another fantastic event!! Cheers to all our musicians Duane, Kevin, Paul, Mary, Dr. Williford, Jean, and Lauren, and it was GREAT to see friends of RCS old and new, including loyal Open Mic’ers Trish Mann, John Prekrasnyi, and Jeremy Harman. A special thanks and welcome to the event to the Arlington Poets Workshop, which treated us to readings by Emily, Brandon, Ash, Jacob, Mike, and Garret. Bravo to Jeremy Schack for his encore performance of electronic beats and vocal jam to close the night. We’re greatly indebted and much thanks are due to our new host Saljo for outstanding hospitality!!!

    Всех С наступающим новым годом и Рождеством!


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