RCS Bake Sale 2012!



Today, we had our bake sale outside the UC Mall. A portion of the proceeds from this event is going to Russian Orphan Aid/Allies in Youth Development, which is a fantastic non-profit organization that some of our members have volunteered with! As you can see from some of the pictures, we’re wearing our “Я – Волонтёр” shirts, which you get when you volunteer with the organization. Pretty cool, huh?

The turn out was great and we sold a ton of stuff. Thanks to everyone who made delicious sweets, those who helped man the table, or even those who just showed up to support the sale itself. We had a lot of fun, and we helped a great cause!

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I'm learning Russian because I am, quite frankly, obsessed with it. I tried learning the language off and on since the age of 16, when my friends in high school were Russian, and I had trouble understanding what they would say. Since I needed structure, I put off learning it until I could find classes, and lo and behold, I found them in college. Now I'm learning Russian and adding to my vocabulary every day.

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