Russian Culture Society Incentive Program

Russian Culture Society Fall 2011 Incentive Program:

Attending a meeting or Russkii Stol: 1 ticket

Bringing a friend to meetings (who has never attended before): 1 ticket (for member and friend each)

Helping out at a club or university event (staffing a table/booth, participating in a demonstration, set up/take down, preparing and bringing a food dish): 1 ticket (for long events, 1 ticket/ hr helping)

Attending an event the club or university hosts at which the club is represented: 1 ticket (for an amount of time longer than to say ‘hello’).

Wearing a club t-shirt (to meetings or events): 1 ticket

Helping put up fliers/posters around campus: 1 ticket

Note: Tickets will be used to draw names from during a raffle, to be held on the last meeting of the school semester. What can be done to earn tickets and/or how much participating in an activity is worth are subject to change at the digression of the RCS Politibureau. The Incentive Program does not apply to elected officers.


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