Prekrasnyi Tells All in Exclusive Expose

Здравствуйте RCS. This is John Prekrasnyĭ broadcasting from a crocked hut in a sleepy Russian seaboard town of Taman waiting for a ship to Gelendzhik. Today, the RCS had a general meeting. We talked about ideas for events that the RCS can hold over the next year and events that the RCS has held in the past. The following are events that President Kelsey proposed in keeping with tradition:

  1. Fall Food Fest
  2. Russia Day – Marathon reading of a Russian work, with selling Russian food items
  3. Film viewing with Q&A with director
  4. Open Mic night

Suggestions from the general body for events that the RCS can hold:

  1. Visiting a Russian Orthodox church
  2. Talking to a 4th grade class about Russia (if interested contact me at so we can set up a time to visit the school. We’re looking for a few volunteers.)
  3. Having a camping trip (Russian Immersion)
  4. Movie night with other clubs
  5. Bowling and Billiards for can drive
  6. Talk by former Russian Olympian Athlete

If you have any ideas or mentioned an idea that I have failed to list (this town has no McDonalds, but has lots of Vodka and it that can take a toll on one’s memory) do not hesitate to contact the RCS.

Next line of business was to discuss Kelsey’s great proposal of member incentive to get RCS members to participate in activities, not just the officers. She proposed a system in which a ticket for a raffle for gift/s to be given at time to be mention latter for each of the following participation. One ticket for the raffle will be given for:

  1. Coming to the meeting
  2. Participating at an event
  3. Wearing a RCS Shirt to a meeting
  4. Bringing a friend to meeting/event
  5. Cooking/Brining  food for a food event

Last point brought up in the meeting was my rambling on how you can get a hold of all the latest RCS news. The most important thing is to join the RCS through MavOrgs. MavOrgs is UTA Student Organizations one-stop place for organizations to make announcements and to keep student/faculty/staff members up to date with events and news. If you are reading this by email, attached is how you can join RCS on MavOrgs. If you are seeing this on the WordPress blog, go to previous entry and click on “How to Join the Russian Culture Society on MavOrgs”. And if you are on Facebook, click on “How to Join the Russian Culture Society on MavOrgs” on the right under “Docs”.

You can hear the latest news by several different ways:


John’s Email:




Well this is John Prekrasnyĭ signing off as I hear a woman singing on the roof.  I must investigate.


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