Holy RCS Prekrasnyi!

Здравствуйте RCS. This is John Prekrasnyĭ broadcasting from inside my secret lair in a North Texas volcano. Today the Russian Cultural Society had its first meeting of the school year.  It was great to see all the new and old faces at the meeting. We also miss all the ones that could not come. The first order of business in today’s meeting was to elect officers. The following are the results of the elections:


Kelsey Pettit


Valentyn Yakovlev


John Pilgrim


Heather Aikman

Eric Fuchs

Minister of Culture:

Ryan Brochstein

Ministers of Properganda:   

Jake Graham

Ines Nikocevic

We would like to congratulate all the new officers to one of the best clubs here at UTA!

Next order of business is to inform all members that UTA has a new system of joining student organization. You must apply online. To apply to join the Russian Culture Society, right click on the link and select “Save as” to save the MS Document on how to join:

How to Join the Russian Culture Society on MavOrgs

If you have any questions on the new student organization or anything else RCS, do not hesitate to contact the club or myself. Below is our contact information.

Email:                    ut.arlington.rcs@gmail.com

John’s Email:      jspilgrim@gmail.com

Facebook:           http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=57328705675

Twitter:                http://twitter.com/UTARCS

Blog:                      https://utarussianculture.wordpress.com/

Well, this is Prekrasnyĭ signing off as Commissioner Gordon is broadcasting the Prekrasnyĭ signal. Crime fighting and taking bribes never cease.


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