International Educational Fee Scholarship Workshop

Здравствуйте RCS! This is Prekrasnyi broadcasting from Моско́вский вокза́л waiting for my private compartment to take me back to Moscow. This is a friendly reminder that tomorrow, all that are planning to study abroad in Russia this summer, there is a workshop for the International Education Fee Scholarship today (March 9, 2011) at 12:00 pm at Trimble Hall rm. 200 hosted by the Study Abroad Office. They will be going over the scholarship application and tips and hints on how to make your application stand out. There will also be a Q&A afterwards if you have any questions. Well, it looks my personal train is here. For those who are wondering why I don’t fly, the answer I rather look on the beautiful Russian landscape up close then from above. I have Google Earth to see Russia from above. It is also because of my fear of flight. This is Prekrasnyi signing off to take the scenic train ride back to Moscow.



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