Prekrasnyi tells all

Здравствуйте RCS! This is Prekrasnyi broadcasting from 2201 Edison Ave. in Fort Myers, Florida. How wonderful is your sport of baseball. As it is in between innings, I want to let you know of the going ons of the RCS. We had our Global Grounds today in the Palo Duro lounge in the UC. In case you missed it, there was a great chess match that rivals that of Fisher-Spassky. We also had wonderful cookies furnished by our great Tsarina Trish and tea and coffee provided by UTA Office of International Education. As a reminder, the RCS is having a meeting tomorrow, Friday February 25, in Hammond Hall rm. 221 at 12 noon. We will be discussing several upcoming events. Come and voice your thoughts, opinions and what you want to happen in RCS. Also invite you friends, family, coworkers, people that you pass in the hall, Putin and Medvedev, and those that you know that love all things Russian. On Monday, February 28 at 12 noon in Hammond Hall rm.221, there will be a meeting of the Russian Readings, also known as the Russian Literature Meeting. In this meeting of Russian Readings, we will be discussing some poems of Lermontov. If you are interested and download the poems discuss go to the Russian Readings page of the RCS blog or by clicking here. Well, this is Prekrasnyi signing off as Papelbon is on the mound to finish off this exhibition game against the New York Yankees.


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