Radio Station Prekrasnyi Updates

Здравствуйте RCS! This is Yuri Dimitrievich broadcasting from the studio of RSP or Radio Station Prekrasnyi. Update RCS Bulletin by Great Secretary Prekrasnyi…

Great members of Russian Culture Society we are proudly announcing our presence to the students of UTA. On Thursday, we will be hosting Global Grounds in the Palo Duro Lounge of the UC from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm. We will be serving cookies and tea. If you would like to volunteer to man the table and talk about the great RCS, email us at Alert all of you friends, frienemies, family, people you sit next to you in class, Lady Gaga, or any one you see of Global Grounds.

This Friday is the meeting of the RCS. We have several things and events that needs to be discussed. The meeting will take place at Hammond Hall, RM. 221 at 12:00. Come and voice your opinion in the organization that is all things Russian.

This is Yuri Dimitrievich signing off from RSP saying “If it isn’t Russian, it isn’t worth studying”



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