RCS meeting notes

Здравствуйте RCS! This is Yekaterina Vasilyevna, Prekrasnyi’s personal secretary. Prekrasnyi is in his personal banya recovering from the flu. The RCS had a meeting last Friday. We discussed Preview Day happening on Sat. Feb. 19 from 10-12. If you have time and want to volunteer, just email us at ut.arlington.rcs@gmail.com. Next on the list on the events is International Week. It is happening in the first week of April. We will have display and setting it the display on Sunday 10-4. The next thing is the Parade of Banners on Monday from 11:45-1. We would like to have Russian flag proudly display. On Tuesday, we will have the Food Fair form 11-2. If you have a Russian dish that you will like to make, let us know. Then on Wednesday evening from 7-9, there will be an International Fashion Show. If have an authentic Russian costume, model, or know how to sew, contact us. Now on Thursday from 9:30-1:30, there will be school visits, where we be showing the greatness of Russia. And then on Friday the Global Extravaganza from 7-9, and the member Lauren will be preforming. If you like to preform something Russian, let us know. Now we have a Russia Day on Thursday April 21, where we will be hosting a Reading Marathon where and also selling food. If you are interested in any of the events, just email us at ut.arlington.rcs@gmail.com.

Also we had officer elections in our last meeting. The official results are following:

Minister of Propaganda is Valentyn Yakovlev

Minister of Culture is Kelsey Pettit

Minister of Finance is Victoria Avery

Positions that remained the same are:

President is Trish Mann

Vice-President is Jean Halverson

Secretary is John “Prekrasnyi” Pilgrim

Just a reminder that the first Ruski Stol is going to be this Friday at 12 in Hammond Hall room 221. Come and have a fun while learning the great language of Russian. Well Master Prekrasnyi is yelling for his soup. Man he is a baby when he is sick. Well this is is Yekaterina Vasilyevna signing off at Prekrasnyi’s palatial Crimean dacha.


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