International Food Festival

ЗдОРОватЬся Русского Культурного Общества!!! This is John Prekrasnyĭ broadcasting from my secret lair on the seventh floor of the Central Library. This Thursday (18 Nov.) is the International Food Festival. The RSC has secured a table to sell the fine food from Russia. It will be held at the University Center Mall, or Russkie Plaza as the Politburo respectfully named, from 11:00 am to 2:00pm. We will be selling borscht, golubtsi (cabbage rolls), draniki (potato pancakes) and more. Please come out and buy to help support the RCS. If you would like to volunteer to help setup, join us at outside of Trimble Hall RM 200 at 9:50 am. If you like to help up prepare the fine food we are selling, we will be meeting at my house on Wednesday (17 Nov.) evening. Email me at for directions. We would like to meet up there at my house around 4:00 pm to start the preparation. If you can join us later, that would fine also. So come out and help us, it will be a hootenanny of a time. This has been a Prekrasnyĭ broadcast, signing off to enjoy this beautiful Russian autumn day.



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