RCS Meeting

Здравствуйте RCS. This is John Prekrasnyĭ broadcasting in my secret layer on the seventh floor of the library. Over the last few weeks we had several events that the RCS participated in.  First was the screening of the documentary, “Virginity” with the director Vitaly Manskiy. After the screening, we had a lively Q&A with the director.  Afterwards with Dr. Harrison, Dr. Baeva, Mr. Manskiy and few students went to Pappasito’s to celebrate his “birthday”. It was a good time for all.





















Last Friday the RCS meeting was canceled because of the South Central Modern Language Association Conference. Attending was Dr. Harrison, Dr. Baeva, Premier Trish, and Vice-Premier Jean to serve on a panal. From what I heard, they were the talk of the conference was standing room only. GO UTA RUSSIAN DEPARTMANT!!











Last weekend was Halloween, and to celebrate Vice-Premier Jean had an excellent Halloween Monster Mash Bash. For those that attended, we all agreed that it was a great time.









Remember that tomorrow (Nov 4.) we will be having our RCS Meeting at our usual place, Trimble Hall Rm. 200, at our usual time, 12:00 pm noon. We will be talking about upcoming events including Fall Food Fest, the film 1612, and many more. Come out and invite all of you kinfolks and neighbors for a hootenanny meeting.

Well I guess my time is up. This is John Prekrasnyĭ signing off from my secret layer on the seventh floor of the library.


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