Russian Food and Virginity

Здравствуйте RCS. This is John Prekrasnyĭ broadcasting on a private jet, coming back from a fishing trip with my pal Putin back home to Texas. Word to the wise, he will talk your ear off if he could. Anyways …. In case you miss last Friday’s surprise Ruskii Stoll, you missed out. We had a nice little lunch of borscht, pirogues, cookies and kavass brought to you by the politburo. Even I, Prekrasnyĭ, wore a tutu for the occasion. This lunch was to brighten up spirits after midterms. I did hope everyone enjoyed the fun luncheon. It was great time for all.

This is a reminder for all of RCS, this Tuesday (Oct. 26) we will be having a showing of the documentary “Virginity”. This documentary is about three Russian young ladies auctioning off their virginity in capitalistic Russia.  We will have the great honor in having the director, Vitaly Manskiy, there at the screening. Afterwards, we will have a Q&A with Mr. Manskiy about the film. It will be this Tuesday (Oct. 26) at 5:00 pm at University Hall, RM. 108. Please let your friends, frenemies, family, people in your classes, or people that you pass by know of this great event. I hope to see you there. Well this is Prekrasnyĭ signing off as I am being told to turn off all electroinic devises, and to put my chair and tray in upright position.

So I am wearing a tutu! What's it to ya?


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