Объявление истины (Announcing the Truth)

Здравствуйте RCS.  This is John Prekrasnyĭ broadcasting from 1000 Ballpark Way. This a reminder that we are still running the tee-shirts contest. The deadline is Friday (Oct. 15th). So get your designs in at ut.arlington.rcs@gmail.com. On Friday, we will vote on the winning design from the entries sent in. Next in the news is that we will be passing out The Shorthorn next week. Today I turn in the paperwork, and hope to hear from them soon on when we can pass them out. For those I told Monday at noon today, we may have to postpone the passing out the paper until I receive word from The Shorthorn. I will let you know when I hear anything. For those that missed Ruskii Stoll, you missed a fun time. First we played musical classroom, then an excellent Russian Trivial Pursuit game. We laughed, we cried, and most importantly we learned a little Russian. Well at least I did. Well, remember, this upcoming Friday (Oct. 15th) we will meet for RCS. The Politburo (the officers) hope that ya’ll can make it out. Prekrasnyĭ out.


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