Мумий Тролль

Здравствуйте RCS. This is  John Prekrasnyĭ cowardly broadcasting form a storm shelter somewhere in N. Texas. In the midst of the horrible weather that this area sufferd today we are wishing and hoping everyone is well. In case you missed it, a great Russian band Mumiy Troll played here in North Texas, and a few us lucky member were able to go and see them.  Here are a few pictures and a video for your entertainment. Enjoy.

This is John Prekrasnyĭ signing off from a storm shelter that is quickly filling up with water.


One thought on “Мумий Тролль

  1. Lonny Harrison

    Концерт был классный! Было вообще здорово! Всем, по-моему очень понравилось. Желаем успехов группе Муммий Тролль, и очень ждём следующего концерта. Возвращайтесь скоро!


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