День Знаний Luncheon!

Yesterday, 4 September 2009, marked the Russian Culture Society’s celebration of День Знаний, Knowledge Day. In Russia, this day is celebrated on September 1st of every year and is the traditional day when students return to school, having been promoted to the next grade.

The Russian Culture Society decided to meet at the restaurant “Taste of Europe” for lunch. We enjoyed Russian borscht, Russian chicken shashlik, Russian meat blintzes, and Siberian pelmeni.

The food was as excellent as the camaraderie!


Trish Mann (in the dark blouse), Vice President!




Brenna Witt, Minister of Culture!


Chris Atwood, President!


Jared Lynch(in the dark shirt), Minister of Propaganda!


More Russophiles!


Professors Harrison and Baeva!

Many thanks not only to Brenna Witt, our Minister of Culture who organized this wonderful event, but also to everyone who came out and “broke bread” with us!

Hope to see you soon!

To contact the Russian Culture Society, or to join our mailing list, email us at ut.arlington.rcs@gmail.com, or stop by our next society meeting on 11 September 2009.


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